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Erdinger Weißbier Pikantus

Got to admit I tried this one with a little trepidation. My favourite beer is Erdinger Weißbier Dunkel and have actually hooked friends on it. Not really a fan of strong beers but leave it to the Germans specifically the Bavarians to get it right. The big problem I find with strong beers is the alcohol taste or at times overwhelming sweetness. This one will certainly warm you up on a cold night. This dark beer, thick with a hint of caramel that reminds me of their Dunkle.If you are strong of heart and looking for a good introduction to this type of beer. Of course with Erdinger how could you go wrong. So get yourself a Erdinger Weißbier Pikantus.




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Stonecutter Scotch Ale

Always wanted to one day travel to New Zealand, always been a dream of mine. Not sure if I’ll ever make it there, but there is always hope. Stonecutter Scotch Ale, not to be confused with the secret society on the Simpsons, is the first beer I’ve had from new Zealand. Not a huge fan of this style of beer, the high alcohol strong beer. Very dark in colour and a sweetness that reminds me of the ‘liquid bread’ the monks would brew to make it through the cold winters. A carmel. coffee flavour that has a hint of bitterness and with 7% alcohol, has a bit of a kick. Not one i would likely try again. If I make it to New Zealand I’ll give their other beers a try.



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Trick or treat? Well with Pumkin, a strong pumpkin spiced beer, I think I’ve had the trick not the treat. This pumpkin spiced beer from the USA is sort of like bad pumpkin pie drowned in alcohol. I personally love pumpkin pie but this, not too much. 8.6% alcohol so if you have too many you’ll end up like the picture below. I had to try a pumpkin flavoured beer, there are quiet a few out there this time of year, but this isn’t the Hallowe’en I was hoping for, had to wash the taste away quickly with a good lager. Try at you own risk. Very scary stuff.


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