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Lug Tread

It’s been awhile. quite awhile actually since I reviewed a beer. So I am overdue. We all have those guilty pleasures, besides beer which I never feel guilty about. One of mine is reality TV shows. I recently watched Big Brother Canada and as a reward they received Lug Tread Lagered Ale.  The cast seemed to like it but could it be because they were on slop. Figured I’d have to give this one a try, comes in 4 packs of 600 ml bottles. Can’t complain about a bit of extra. Brewed by Canada’s Beau Brewery which is a small family run brewery. Not sure what a lagered ale was so here is a quote from their site “Lug•Tread is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged (like a lager) for a lengthy period. This gives our beer some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness.” Well this family knows how to brew a pretty good beer. very German in style with that robust full-bodied taste you’d expect in a beer. Golden colour I found it pretty good , better than the average micro-brewery. And in case you are wondering what a lug tread is, it’s the tracks left in the mud by a tractor. So get out there, plow the fields and after enjoy a Lug Tread.




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Stonecutter Scotch Ale

Always wanted to one day travel to New Zealand, always been a dream of mine. Not sure if I’ll ever make it there, but there is always hope. Stonecutter Scotch Ale, not to be confused with the secret society on the Simpsons, is the first beer I’ve had from new Zealand. Not a huge fan of this style of beer, the high alcohol strong beer. Very dark in colour and a sweetness that reminds me of the ‘liquid bread’ the monks would brew to make it through the cold winters. A carmel. coffee flavour that has a hint of bitterness and with 7% alcohol, has a bit of a kick. Not one i would likely try again. If I make it to New Zealand I’ll give their other beers a try.



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Trafalgar Irish Ale

I’ve mentioned this before that I’m not a fan of beers that bill themselves as a traditional beer of another country. Brewed by Canada’s Trafalgar Ales and Meads. Mead? Do people in this century still drink mead? I guess some do, just have never seen mead offered at the local pub or jousting matches. Anyway back to the beer, Trafalgar has brewed an Irish Ale, which they bill as a ‘traditional brown ale’. A dark, coffee like colour, it is very much in the tradition of and Irish Ale, I just found although expected it was a little too bitter.  Very average in fact, if you want a Irish brown ale I suggest you buy a Irish brown ale instead of a wanna be. Really wouldn’t waste my time on this one.


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I’m not usually a fan of beers that bill themselves as a certain country style beer but not actually from that country. I drink them with a little trepidation I usually prefer an original not one brewed in that style. I decided to try a Highlander from the Highlander Brewing Company of South River craft brewery of Canada.  This beer bills itself as a Scottish Pale Ale, dark in colour, this beer has rich flavour with that hint of toffee or coffee flavour you would expect form a dark beer. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, seems to be the only one they brew. Well if your good at one thing you might as well stick with it, and they’ve found something good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly recommend trying one, even if your not a fan of the darker or red style beers you’ll like this one. So grab your kilt, play some bagpipes and enjoy this little piece of Scotland, Canadian style.


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Nickel Brook Gluten Free

Gluten free seems the way to go lately, although only about 1% of the population actually are Gluten sensitive.  For the record I’m not Gluten sensitive, but am bad beer sensitive. I guess this would be the one to serve if Elizabeth from ‘The View’ dropped over for a beer. sadly she wasn’t there when I tried this one, maybe it would have helped the bitterness. Nickel Brook (not to be confused with Nickelback which is also awful) Gluten Free is brewed in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. A dark golden colour,it has  the bitterness of an English style ale, reminds me of a co-worker, way too bitter. To be honest had trouble finishing it and it had me wanting to wash the taste away with a good beer. Thank God I had one left. Would I try it? Well I guess if you absolutely have to have a gluten free beer, otherwise avoid this one.


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Bah Humbug!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! I decided to celebrate Christmas with an ale from Wychwood Breweries of England. Bah Humbug is a seasonal beer, and if Scrooge had had a few of these he might not have had to be visited by the three ghosts. A typical English style ale, dark in colour, I found it very smooth without any bitterness. It was a perfect beer to drink as I celebrated Christmas Eve with family. I am positive that Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer would have enjoyed this ale with their Christmas Goose. Give it a try next year since you’re probably too late for this year. On another note I have reached over 50,000 hits on this blog, when I started it I would have been happy to reach 50 let alone 50,000. Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to check this out. And if I’ve helped any of you in trying a beer then I’ve accomplished my goal. I was recently in the Liquour Store and saw a couple in the specialty beer section mocking the names of some of the beers, Hobgoblin in particular, well if you’re not willing to try something different or going to judge a beer by it’s name, then I suggest sticking to your generic swill such as Budweiser. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!


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Crazy Canuck

For you who don’t know a ‘Canuck’ is a nickname for a Canadian. A Crazy Canuck could mean a crazy Canadian, the Canadian Men’s downhill ski team were once referred to as the ‘Crazy Canucks’, however in this case it refers to a pale ale. The can refers to it as a ‘Gold Medal Winner’ not sure who awarded the medal since that isn’t mentioned. A rich orange colour, with what they refer to as a lingering  bitterness, well it lingers alright, like an unwanted house guest it lingers a little too long. More bitter than a Vancouver Canucks fan after last years defeat in the Stanley Cup playoffs. this pale ale is a little too bitter for my taste, instead of complimenting the beer it overwhelms it. If you like a very bitter taste then you’ll probably disagree with me and like this one, but if bitter isn’t your thing give then you may want to pass on this beer from Canada.


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Dead Guy Ale

“Who cares how time advances? I am drinking ale today” – Edgar Allan Poe. Rogue Beer of Oregon, USA, uses this quote from Poe in their description of Dead Guy Ale. Based on a German style Maibock it was originally created to celebrate the Mayan ‘Day of the Dead’ (November 1st, All Souls Day). If I realized this in advance I would have saved this one for November 1st, but then again I’m drinking ale so who cares how time advances. Now the beer, awesome label and design. The beer pours a dark orange and has a very hearty flavour, the alcohol and bitterness are not overwhelming. Usually I would expect a bit more sweetness, but this award inning beer is pretty good and worth a try. Popular with “Dead Heads’ (diehard Grateful Dead Fans). Don’t really get the whole Grateful Dead thing, but this is a beer blog not a music blog. Must be winter coming with all these strong beers appearing.


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