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Was taking a walk through the local liquour store and I’m always excited when I spot something new, sometimes they have too much of the same old beers. I saw a Kalnapilis and the name grabbed me right away, I was intrigued to see where this beer originated. Well this Pilsner comes from Lithuania. And I have to say it was delicious. Light in colour, but extremely refreshing. One that you could enjoy on a patio on a hot summers day. Not overwhelming just good, I liked this one. Not overpowering, but smooth with a slight hint of sweetness. Worth a try, should have bought more than one. I will definitely have this one again. If you like a good Pilsner or a beer that’s not overwhelming then give this one a try.




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This is my second beer from Croatia, I found my first pretty good. I guess it’s true you always remember your first. Karlovačko is very typical Eastern European style pilsner. A nice straw colour, with that full bodied taste you would expect, slight hint of bitterness, but overall a pretty good beer. The best in this style, no, but none the less a beer worth a try. This ones pretty popular in Croatia, so if you don’t want to listen to me then you can listen to the people of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska).  The label features the red and white checked pattern reminiscent of their flag and Coat of Arms. First time I’ve seen this one so don’t hestitate and give one a try, unless you have a trip planned to Croatia in the future.


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