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Kirin Ichiban

Been a bit of a fan of Japanese beers, and the fact that they often come in a 650 ml size doesn’t hurt. Kirin Iciban is not as good as other Japanese beers I’ve had but it’s not bad. Straw coloured with a decent balance starting with an initial sweetness followed by a hint of bitterness. If you prefer a more stronger beer you probably won’t like this one. I know this beer has been slammed in the past, but it’s okay. A bit steep in price so I wouldn’t rush out to get one.



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‘One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble’, Tried my first Thai Beer and I must admit not what I expected.  Expected it to be lacking in flavour and very light, not sure why i had this preconceived notion but I did. Singha is actually a pretty decent lager. It is straw in colour, has that full-bodied flavour with a hint of sweetness you’d expect from a lager. Very much in the European style. Worth a try for sure. Just don’t have too many you wouldn’t want to Thai one on and end up not remembering what happened a la Hangover two.


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