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Jai Pur

Poured a Jai Pur orange in colour, typical of an IPA. Very bitter with a hint of citrus. Not my thing, way too bitter for me. I know it’s a an acquired taste but just not one I like. If you like your beer bitter then you may want to try this English IPA. If you don’t then stay away. The bitterness is overwhelming. And being a glass half full guy, I try to avoid bitterness, but some people like it. And stay positive, always the best way too be. Oh by the way Jai Pur is a city in India, very creative.Also this is the birthday of my good friend Ross, who was taken way before his time, in his honour I raise a glass, you are missed. Because of my bias giving this a…




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Hops and Robbers

I’ve been robbed!! Sad thing when the best thing about a beer is it’s name. Not sure why a lot of IPAs have to be overwhelmingly bitter. Suppose it’s a personal taste thing but not for me. Orange in colour I found the bitterness so overwhelming it was almost undrinkable. Canada’s Double Trouble Brewery has brewed this one, if all Robbers were as bad as this I’d be out of work in my other profession. No reviewing beer not my only thing, got to work in real life. Hops and Robbers, good name, bad beer. Try it at your own risk. Giving it an extra point for it’s name.



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Red Racer

The first thing that struck me about Red Racer is the can, very retro looking with a hot red head riding a Red Racer bicycle. This beer is brewed by the Central City Craft Brewery of British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately the beer doesn’t live up to the can. Orange in colour and very bitter, much too bitter for my liking. Not sure who may like this one, maybe hipsters because of the can and the fact that it’s not mainstream, although I would suspect that some may have to force themselves to like it. You want a bitter IPA then you may like this one, but if you prefer your beer more sweet then stay away.  Giving it a generous, mainly because of the can…


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Headstock IPA

Ah yes Headstock, peace , free love, a lot of great bands, I danced and grooved all weekend long, and I avoided the brown acid. Although I’m not oldest enough to have been at the original Woodstock, the psychedelic style of the Headstock IPA can immediately brings Woodstock to mind. An award winner from Canada’s Nickel Brook brewery, I just don’t get it. The best thing about this one is the colourful can and the name. Bitter beyond belief, some bitterness is good but this one was close to being undrinkable. I know taste is subjective and if it’s the bitter not the sweet you prefer then maybe you’ll like this one. Dark in colour, I just couldn’t get beyond the overwhelming bitterness, it dominated the beer, not one I would personally recommend. Second one I’ve had and not liked from Nickle Brook, to paraphrase The Who’s Pete Towsend, who played at Woodstock, I won’t get fooled again.


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Dead Elephant

Jumbo the world’s largest Elephant part of the famous P.T. Barnum’s circus met his untimely demise in St. Thomas, Ontario. This beer from the Railway City Brewing Company of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, Dead Elephant an I.P.A., was brewed as a tribute to Jumbo. Had mixed feelings about this one, first impression wasn’t so good, but when I gave it a chance it was actually a decent I.P.A.. A hearty ale, with that bitter aftertaste you would expect from an IPA. An orange, almost cloudy colour, this one is pretty decent. And as for not judging on first impressions, it is always good to keep an open mind, first impressions are not always the best, like judging anything or anyone based upon an first impression. Forming an early impression and having an irrational dislike can be very destructive, you can certainly miss out on knowing some wonderful people or things by writing them off without truly knowing them. Too many haters in the world for sure, and I’m not sure why they feel the need to bring everyone else down with their negativity, try looking for the good instead of the bad it will make for a happier life. Seeing the positive instead of the negative is always the best. Glass (of beer of course) half full, not half empty. Now that I’ve finished my rant giving this one a….


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