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Baltica 7

This is my second beer from Baltica, Russia’s top brewery whose beers are distinguished by numbers. Baltica 7 is a pale lager with 5.4% alcohol. I found it pretty good, not overpowering in taste actually fairly light tasting, it certainly goes down well. Had one tonight as I barbecued some steak in the backyard. This is a beer worth giving a try, I have actually got some feedback from readers mentioning the Baltica line of beers. Hopefully i’ll get a chance to sample them all one day, maybe after a visit to Red Square. On another note I have mentioned a few times in the past how I’m a fan of football (soccer) and cheer for FC Bayern, well I’m a huge hockey fan and a long suffering Toronto Maple fan.  Even though it’s a bit late I toasted the memory of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl the KHL team that died tragically in a plane crash early this year. RIP.



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