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666 Devil’s Pale Ale

Get your kicks on route 666, sounds like a scene from the movie ‘The Machinist’. This one from the Great Lakes Brewery in Canada  boasts ‘the devil made me brew it’ with 666 kilograms of malt, 6.66 kilograms of hops, 66.6 minutes of boiling, 6% alcohol and 6.6.06 date of conception, well it looks like the devil is off his game if this is the best he can do, then again do we really want satanic beer? 666 Devil’s Pale Ale is a pale ale which is actually quite dark in colour, very average in taste, typical sweet strong beer taste with a hint of bitterness and a bit of an alcohol taste. Anyway the novelty of this beer out weighs it’s taste. Unless you want the novelty of the can and the beer then I’d probably avoid this one. Giving it a generous and theme inspired….



October 9, 2011 Posted by | 666 Devil's Pale, Beer | 1 Comment