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Dead Elephant

Jumbo the world’s largest Elephant part of the famous P.T. Barnum’s circus met his untimely demise in St. Thomas, Ontario. This beer from the Railway City Brewing Company of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, Dead Elephant an I.P.A., was brewed as a tribute to Jumbo. Had mixed feelings about this one, first impression wasn’t so good, but when I gave it a chance it was actually a decent I.P.A.. A hearty ale, with that bitter aftertaste you would expect from an IPA. An orange, almost cloudy colour, this one is pretty decent. And as for not judging on first impressions, it is always good to keep an open mind, first impressions are not always the best, like judging anything or anyone based upon an first impression. Forming an early impression and having an irrational dislike can be very destructive, you can certainly miss out on knowing some wonderful people or things by writing them off without truly knowing them. Too many haters in the world for sure, and I’m not sure why they feel the need to bring everyone else down with their negativity, try looking for the good instead of the bad it will make for a happier life. Seeing the positive instead of the negative is always the best. Glass (of beer of course) half full, not half empty. Now that I’ve finished my rant giving this one a….



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