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Weihenstephaner Vitus

The World Beer Awards have declared Weihenstephaner Vitus the world’s best beer and world’s best wheat beer.  Well to paraphrase Vincent from Pulp Fiction: That’s a pretty f…ng good beer. I don’t know if it’s the world’s best but it’s pretty f…ing good. Better than a $5.00 milkshake. At 7.7% alcohol it packs a bit of a kick. This beer is a Weizenbock from Germany and is a strong wheat beer. It is a delicious, high alcohol, but no alcohol taste, unfiltered wheat beer with just the right blend of spices. This one is definitely worth a try and tastes very much like their wheat beer.  Very smooth, this one goes down real good. If you want an introduction to this style of beer this is the one, be warned at 7.7% you may feel it. Leave it to Weihenstephaner to get it right.




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Hops and Robbers

I’ve been robbed!! Sad thing when the best thing about a beer is it’s name. Not sure why a lot of IPAs have to be overwhelmingly bitter. Suppose it’s a personal taste thing but not for me. Orange in colour I found the bitterness so overwhelming it was almost undrinkable. Canada’s Double Trouble Brewery has brewed this one, if all Robbers were as bad as this I’d be out of work in my other profession. No reviewing beer not my only thing, got to work in real life. Hops and Robbers, good name, bad beer. Try it at your own risk. Giving it an extra point for it’s name.



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Erdinger Weißbier Pikantus

Got to admit I tried this one with a little trepidation. My favourite beer is Erdinger Weißbier Dunkel and have actually hooked friends on it. Not really a fan of strong beers but leave it to the Germans specifically the Bavarians to get it right. The big problem I find with strong beers is the alcohol taste or at times overwhelming sweetness. This one will certainly warm you up on a cold night. This dark beer, thick with a hint of caramel that reminds me of their Dunkle.If you are strong of heart and looking for a good introduction to this type of beer. Of course with Erdinger how could you go wrong. So get yourself a Erdinger Weißbier Pikantus.



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Schneider Weisse Original Tap 7

Leave it to the Germans to make an excellent beer. Yes I’m showing my bias, but if you’re looking for a good example of  a spiced wheat beer then Schneider Weisse Original Tap 7 is the place to start. My personal preference is non spicy but this one is good. Not overwhelming like many of this type. Amber in colour with a perfect hint of cloves and other spices. grab yourself a Weißwurst (white sausage) and give this one a try.



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