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King Goblin

Happy Hallowe’en! I know I’m a day early, but what the heck. Hope everyone is recovering from Hurricane Sandy and your families are safe. We had some crazy winds here, but nothing like they did along the coast. I resisted the temptation to try one of those wretched pumpkin beers this year. Does anyone actually like them? Decided instead to try one from the always interesting English brewery Wychwood. Thoroughly enjoyed their Hobgoblin so why not try a King Goblin. Like it’s cousin it has a reddish tinge, very smooth and goes down easily. My only criticism is a hint of alcohol taste (6.6%). There is a bitter aftertaste but not overwhelming at all. While I prefer Hobgoblin this Special reserve is worth a try. So put on your costume, or not, and give this beer of limited availability a try.



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Hopf Helle Weiße

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a review and I’ve stock piled a few to review. I recently had the pleasure of drinking a Hopf Helle Weiße brewed by the Weißbierbrauerei Hopf  from the centre of the beer universe Bavaria. This is very good wheat beer, a bit heavier on the spice than I usually prefer, and a nice hint of fruit. If you like this type of wheat beer you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one. It’s worth a try . Cloudy and orange in colour, typical of an unfiltered wheat beer. Certainly one i’d try again.


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