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Nickel Brook Gluten Free

Gluten free seems the way to go lately, although only about 1% of the population actually are Gluten sensitive.  For the record I’m not Gluten sensitive, but am bad beer sensitive. I guess this would be the one to serve if Elizabeth from ‘The View’ dropped over for a beer. sadly she wasn’t there when I tried this one, maybe it would have helped the bitterness. Nickel Brook (not to be confused with Nickelback which is also awful) Gluten Free is brewed in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. A dark golden colour,it has  the bitterness of an English style ale, reminds me of a co-worker, way too bitter. To be honest had trouble finishing it and it had me wanting to wash the taste away with a good beer. Thank God I had one left. Would I try it? Well I guess if you absolutely have to have a gluten free beer, otherwise avoid this one.



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Red Leaf

The weather is unseasonably warm here with temperatures in the low 20s. So what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to sit on my patio and enjoy a beer.  Red Leaf is red brewed by the Great Lakes Microbrewery of Toronto, Canada, which was Toronto’s first craft brewery, established in 1987, (due to Ontario’s archaic liquour laws which only allowed them as of late). It bills itself as a smooth red and that certainly is a fitting description. Typical of a red in colour I found it went down very easily, smooth indeed.  The one thing that I did find was it was a little heavy in carbonation, you could actually notice it on your tongue. It faded a bit towards the last few sips but I found it a bit unnerving.  Now would I recommend it, yes I would if you are looking for a smooth, not overbearing red that goes down nice on a sunny day on the patio or deck. Besides how can you not like a beer that says it goes best with hamburgers, ribs or sandwiches.


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