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Iron Spike

Haven’t blogged in awhile and I have stocked up on a few to sample. But first I want to mention how sad I am at the untimely and way too young death of The Beastie Boys Adam Yauch aka MCA. Not only was he an incredible artist he was also a philanthropist who worked hard for a free Tibet. So I raised a glass of beer in his honour Iron Spike from Canadian micro-brewery Railway City.Iron Spike is an unfiltered Blonde, that is very much is the German style, cloudy, orange and  not overly spiced and very refreshing. I quite liked this one and think it is worth a try, would be especially good on a hot day. Being from a small micro-brewery I think MCA would have approved. The taste is not overwhelming and I think will appeal to most tastes. Go out try one, do it now, and keep on enjoying some fine beers. Put on some Beastie Boys, hoist a glass and toast Adam Yauch. And in the words of the great Adam Yauch “I Want To Say a Little Something That’s Long Overdue, The Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be Through, To All The Mothers And Sisters And The Wives  And Friends, I Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The End”.  ‘Cause You Can’t, You Won’t And You Don’t Stop, MCA Come And Rock The Sure Shot, he’ll be missed.



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One of the great rivalries in hockey is the Leafs and Canadiens, had the opportunity to take in the rivalry at the ACC last night. Before the game stopped for dinner and saw a Jupiter on tap and figured had to give this one a try. Not what I expected at all, with an out of this world name thought maybe an out of this world beer. Bills itself as an Belgian Blonde, not really typical of others I am used to from Belgium, no spicing at all. More of a Pilsner style taste. Golden in colour, kind of average, not my favourite blonde, but that’s for another day. Is this one worth a try, if you want, it’s just pretty average.


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Wychcraft is a blonde beer from England’s Wychwood brewery. I’ve sampled quite a few from these fine folks, and have enjoyed most, with their unique names they make a good beer. Not sure about a blonde witch, I guess they are the good witches. Prefer mine with a touch of evil myself. On to the beer, cool bottle and label that prominently feature witches including as part of the glass. At first it has a bit of deep yellow almost orange in colour, clear unlike some of the unfiltered styles, ‘thrice hopped for flavour’ they say and it certainly has flavour. Not spiced at all which often can overwhelm a beer’s taste. Not at all like a Belgian blonde, a bit more like a Bavarian style. So give this one a try or one of the others from Wychwood.


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