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Rock Cut

Haven’t done a lot of reviewing lately, all I’m finding are some local craft beers. While not all are bad, been disappointed more than pleased. Figured I’d give Rock Cut a  lager from Baysville a try. An orange colour usually something I’d expect from a different type of beer. There was a weird sweet taste that reminds me of some vile Caribbean beer, or something by Abita. Not that a hint of sweetness in a lager isn’t something I like this was just way too much. Below average certainly not one I’d recommend. The claim to be ‘A crisp and refreshing end to a hard day’s work’. This beer made me wish I was on overtime so I didn’t have to drink it.




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Guinness Black Lager

I have developed a fondness for Guinness lately. Guinness has recently introduced a black lager. I wasn’t sure what to think of Guinness Black Lager, Guinness is staple of Ireland and they’ve had a long history with the signature beer. This beer has just arrived in Canada. I picked up a six pack on a recent trip to Chicago. Great city by the way. The first one I had was not sold, so of course I tried it again with an open mind. Black like a Guinness but pours more like a German Schwarzbier (black beer). Not really a typical lager taste no sweetness, and a very slight hint of caramel that you’ expect from Guinness. If you want a good black beer would suggest a Köstritzer instead. Its not bad just not great, worth a try though. 



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Hofbräu Original

Let’s return to the world famous Hofbräuhaus and try their original. One of Munich’s oldest beer halls it was founded in 1589. Plenty of time to get it right. This is what I’d expect from a German beer. robust, full of flavour, a golden colour with a taste that makes you want more. If you looking for a typical German or more specifically Bavarian beer then give Hofbräu Original a try. The only downside I find with these beers is they only seemed to be available at limited times. And if you are planning to visit the Hofbräuhaus, please visit the original. there is one in Las Vegas but although I’m sure it’s good, just seems wrong. As they say in Bavaria “”eins, zwei, g’suffa”, one, two, drink! There’s your German lesson for the day.




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Lug Tread

It’s been awhile. quite awhile actually since I reviewed a beer. So I am overdue. We all have those guilty pleasures, besides beer which I never feel guilty about. One of mine is reality TV shows. I recently watched Big Brother Canada and as a reward they received Lug Tread Lagered Ale.  The cast seemed to like it but could it be because they were on slop. Figured I’d have to give this one a try, comes in 4 packs of 600 ml bottles. Can’t complain about a bit of extra. Brewed by Canada’s Beau Brewery which is a small family run brewery. Not sure what a lagered ale was so here is a quote from their site “Lug•Tread is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged (like a lager) for a lengthy period. This gives our beer some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness.” Well this family knows how to brew a pretty good beer. very German in style with that robust full-bodied taste you’d expect in a beer. Golden colour I found it pretty good , better than the average micro-brewery. And in case you are wondering what a lug tread is, it’s the tracks left in the mud by a tractor. So get out there, plow the fields and after enjoy a Lug Tread.



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Lucky Buddha

I stood there at the local LCBO debating should I try this one, prefer when beer doesn’t only come in a six pack, in theory you could be stuck with five really bad beers.The price wasn’t outrageous and the bottle was irresistible so I figured why not. The sacrifices one must make for their craft. The first thing that strikes you about this beer is the bottle. Green in colour and shaped like a Buddha. My previous experience with beer from China has been lacking in flavour. Well Lucky Buddha is no exception. Very pale in colour, straw like. To me it was very light in flavour almost as if watered of those that probably goes down best on a very hot day when you’re looking for something to quench your thirst quickly and not something you’re looking to savour. The lack of flavour reminds me of those really low alcohol beers like Molson Canadian 67. Would I recommend this one, only if you’re looking to collect a really cool bottle, and enjoy your beer with little taste, Giving this one a bonus point for the bottle so a very generous…



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‘One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble’, Tried my first Thai Beer and I must admit not what I expected.  Expected it to be lacking in flavour and very light, not sure why i had this preconceived notion but I did. Singha is actually a pretty decent lager. It is straw in colour, has that full-bodied flavour with a hint of sweetness you’d expect from a lager. Very much in the European style. Worth a try for sure. Just don’t have too many you wouldn’t want to Thai one on and end up not remembering what happened a la Hangover two.


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Львівське 1715 (Lvivske)

First thing that struck me as I poured this one is the aroma, not something that I usually notice but this one really hit me. Hoppy is I guess is how you’d describe it, this lager from the Ukraine was sweet tasting and I found it quite refreshing. I enjoyed this one, Львівське (Lvivske) 1715 is worth checking out, not great but certainly a pretty decent lager. The 1715 refers to when the brewery was founded, they’ve had some time to get it right. I have to admit I have a bit of a fondness for Eastern European beers. So if you like your beer with a hint of sweetness and very refreshing then give this one a go.


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Paulaner Original Munich

Going to head away from New Orleans beers for this one, two bad ones in a row is making my taste buds literally cry out for a good beer. Well I can always count on Germany, München’s Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager (Original  Münchener Hell) restored my faith that there are indeed good beers out there. Of course when you were established by Monks in the 17th century, you have time to perfect your craft. Exactly what you’d expect from a lager, smooth, easy to drink with a slight hint of sweetness. A very light and refreshing beer that people who prefer the lightness of a lager will enjoy. And the fact that Paulaner is a sponsor my favourite Fußball team FC Bayern München doesn’t hurt. And speaking of soccer (football) today’s important victory by Germany over The Netherlands in Euro 2012 would be a perfect time to enjoy a Paulaner. Enjoy the rest of the tournament no matter who you’re cheering for.


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Elora Grand Lager

Holiday weekend here at home, Victoria Day is the  long weekend that usually marks the start of warm weather. The May two-four weekend as it’s often referred to started as a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, and is usually celebrated with outdoor activities and fireworks. A beautiful warm weekend and what better way to enjoy a hot day is with a cold beer. Elora Grand Lager brewed by Canadian craft brewery Trafalgar, is a dry hopped lager that boasts flavour. A cloudy almost orange colour, I found it pretty good. Refreshing, with a hearty lager flavour and with a dry aftertaste. No watery taste here this one is all it bills itself to be, the can says you’ll thank us later, well thank you Trafalgar this one’s pretty good. So enjoy a cold beer on this long weekend, it’s what Queen Victoria would have wanted.


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Tennent’s Original Export Lager

After reviewing a ‘Scottish” ale brewed in Canada, let’s try a Scottish beer actually brewed in Scotland. Tennent’ s Original Export Lager, claims that it is ‘always brewed with pride in the heart of Glasgow’. Not sure if i’d be overly proud of this one, because if it’s flavour you seek, then you may want to look elsewhere. If you like a very light tasting beer that would be probably best enjoyed on a stifling hot summer’s day as a thirst quencher then this may be the one for you. Not a beer drinker and want something light before moving on then maybe this may be a good start. A light yellow colour typical of a lager, I have mixed feelings about this one, not sure if I liked it or not. When I saw this beer it brought to mind another great Tennant (I know it’s not spelled the same, but it’s not even his real last name) from Scotland. The greatest Dr. Who of all, David Tennant. Would the Doctor like this one, doubt it, I mean he can travel in time and space and has probably tasted some of the greatest beers of all time.


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