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Funnel Blower

Well a short history lesson to begin with, since I had no idea what a Funnel Blower was. well the Box Steam Brewery of Wilshere, England named it after a famous ship the Great Eastern which set sail in 1859. It was the largest of it’s day a build up of steam caused an explosion blowing off one of it’s five funnels, in spite of this the ship did not sink, so the ship was a ‘Funnel Blower’ and the brewery is ‘Box Steam’. Hopefully I haven’t lost you so now on to the beer. This beer is ‘engineered by hand’ and is a a porter. It’s good tasting porter with a little something different, vanilla. It actually complimented the porter quite well, a perfect balance, not too overwhelming, it was just there. I would definitely have another or three. May not be for everyone, but why not take a chance, I think you will agree it’s worth a try.



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