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Crescent City Brewhouse Red Stallion

I just getting ready to write off New Orleans beer completely when I wander into the Crescent City Brewhouse in the French Quarter. A Micro-Brewery run by a German Brewer that adheres to the ‘Bavarian Purity Law of 1516’. They feature four beers and although I ordered a Black Forest the waitress brought me a Red Stallion, must be my Canadian accent. They describe it as ‘ A malty, aromatic and hoppy mixture. Copper coloured this beer is medium bodied and full of flavour. Vienna Style’. Well New Orleans, and the great state of Louisiana, you have redeemed yourself. This is a decent red, flavouful with the right amount of bitterness, I enjoyed this one for sure. Sadly if you want to try one you’re going have to head to New Orleans. This beer is perfect for enjoying after exploring the French Market or the Riverwalk. So if you find yourself in New Orleans and want a decent beer head to the Crescent City Brewhouse.



June 21, 2012 - Posted by | Beer, Red

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