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Abita Amber

Okay so my first encounter with beer in ‘Nawlins wasn’t so good, maybe number two would be better. I’m enjoying a delicious meal, and the waiter recommends the Abita Amber. So I think why not. A typical red in colour, not a bad mix of bitterness, but there it is again, a taste that I finally remembered, it reminded me of that swill Banks. Is it sugar cane, who knows but it ruined the beer. There is an interesting phenomenon in New Orleans called the go cup. Basically you can either take a drink to go or if your not finished take it with you, as long as it’s in a plastic container. Now a clue that Abita was bad is I didn’t see anyone walking the streets of the French Quarter with one. Now I can see why rum based drinks are the specialty, because they’re not so good at the beer thing. Will it get better one can only hope. I will let you know. As for Abita once bitten, twice shy. The only good thing I can say is it’s better than Purple Haze. And one more piece of advice be careful of the Hurricane drinks, but that’s another story.



June 12, 2012 - Posted by | Beer, Red

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