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Headstock IPA

Ah yes Headstock, peace , free love, a lot of great bands, I danced and grooved all weekend long, and I avoided the brown acid. Although I’m not oldest enough to have been at the original Woodstock, the psychedelic style of the Headstock IPA can immediately brings Woodstock to mind. An award winner from Canada’s Nickel Brook brewery, I just don’t get it. The best thing about this one is the colourful can and the name. Bitter beyond belief, some bitterness is good but this one was close to being undrinkable. I know taste is subjective and if it’s the bitter not the sweet you prefer then maybe you’ll like this one. Dark in colour, I just couldn’t get beyond the overwhelming bitterness, it dominated the beer, not one I would personally recommend. Second one I’ve had and not liked from Nickle Brook, to paraphrase The Who’s Pete Towsend, who played at Woodstock, I won’t get fooled again.



May 8, 2012 - Posted by | Beer, IPA

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