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Another beer from the Bavarian brewery Hirsch Bräu. As I have mentioned in the past Bavaria is the centre of the beer universe. Holzar-Bier is a dark beer with a strong taste reminiscent of ‘liquid bread’, which is brewed in winter months only to help get you through the cold months. The lumberjack on the label symbolizes the lumberjacks who favoured this type of beer. A good mix of sweet and a hint of bitter, a little light on flavour but a decent beer none the less.  Worth a try, however there are better of this style out there. Holzar-Bier Nach Urväterart, doesn’t really fit into a catogory the brewery describes it as “An original old Allgäu brewing specialty. Amber colored, bottom-fermented Export beer. Pure, full-bodied, hearty, with a light malt aroma and the taste of dark brewing malt with well-rounded bitter touch.” Give it a try, maybe after a day of cutting down trees, or maybe raking leaves, putting up Christmas lights or just for the sake of enjoying a beer.




November 26, 2011 - Posted by | Beer, Lager

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