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Crazy Canuck

For you who don’t know a ‘Canuck’ is a nickname for a Canadian. A Crazy Canuck could mean a crazy Canadian, the Canadian Men’s downhill ski team were once referred to as the ‘Crazy Canucks’, however in this case it refers to a pale ale. The can refers to it as a ‘Gold Medal Winner’ not sure who awarded the medal since that isn’t mentioned. A rich orange colour, with what they refer to as a lingering  bitterness, well it lingers alright, like an unwanted house guest it lingers a little too long. More bitter than a Vancouver Canucks fan after last years defeat in the Stanley Cup playoffs. this pale ale is a little too bitter for my taste, instead of complimenting the beer it overwhelms it. If you like a very bitter taste then you’ll probably disagree with me and like this one, but if bitter isn’t your thing give then you may want to pass on this beer from Canada.



November 12, 2011 - Posted by | Ale, Beer

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