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Barking Squirrel

Plenty of squirrels around here, never actually heard one bark, although they are pretty frantic as of late with winter coming. Barking Squirrel is from The Hop City Craft Brewery in Brampton, Canada (In Hop City on Party Avenue, I got a girl from Kalamazoo). This is how they describe their beer as ‘Our original brew. A lager unlike any other. Smooth, crisp and balanced Barking Squirrel Lager is like an angel dancing on your tongue, well maybe more like a squirrel but tasty nonetheless.’  A squirrel dancing on my tongue, ouch, but it would describe the lager’s bitterness, an amber lager, this one is not too bad, smooth at first, a little too much bitterness for my personal liking but good none the less. Unlike any other not really, actually very typical of the style, kind of generic tasting typical red. I’ve included a picture of a squirrel taken in my backyard, I don’t think he was barking, but he was eyeing my beer.



October 22, 2011 - Posted by | Beer, Lager

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