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Fuller’s 1845

Got to say not a big fan of the strong beers, especially the ones with that overwhelming alcohol taste. Fuller’s 1845 is a ‘bottled conditioned ale matured to perfection for 100 days’  this award winning English Strong ale is the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness (the bitter and the sweet as Siouxie Sioux once sang) without a strong alcohol taste. This is a good strong ale and certainly worth a try. Dark in colour, no alcohol taste at all, this one would be a good introduction to this type of beer. And in case you’re wondering 1845 is the year Fuller’s brewery was founded in 1845. And another interesting note ‘During the weekend of Aug 19-21 2011, Fuller’s offered a free drink to any member of the England and Wales Police, Fire or Ambulance Services to say thank you for their hard work during the civil disturbances in London and other cities earlier that month. Over 1,000 pints were claimed and we are pleased that, in our own little way, we helped to show our emergency services personnel how proud we all were of them.’ Now being a Police Officer myself I give kudos to Fullers.



October 12, 2011 - Posted by | Beer, Fuller's 1845

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