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Czechvar (Budějovický Budvar)(The Real Budweiser)

Czechvar (aka Budějovický Budvar or Budweiser Budvar) is brewed in the Czech city of Budweis, (České Budějovice), this beer is also known as Budweiser in most of the world, but due to lawsuits by litigation crazy Americans such as Anheuser-Busch it is called Czechvar in North America. They actually bought the distribution rights. Dark yellow in colour, a full-bodied tasting beer from the world’s largest consumers of beer the Czechs. If I was comparing this to U.S. Budweiser (that swill) it would be an 11/10, it is good not excellent.  Anyway Czech out the real Budweiser, Czechvar.



February 7, 2010 - Posted by | Beer

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