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Aventinus Weißen Doppelbock

Grüß Gott!  Today we are back in the beautiful Bayern (Bavaria) region in Germany. Aventinus Weißen Doppelbock is brewed by wheat beer specialists Schneider Weisse. Very sweet in taste, originally brewed by Bavarian monks to get you through the lean times of Lent. This beer pours very thick, brown in colour, a wheat beer with a very strong sweet flavour. Probably not for everyone’s taste, not like traditional beer at all. If you like this style or want to try one this is probably one of the best. So give one a try during Lent or anytime. Oh and by the way Grüß Gott is a common greeting in Bavaria, it literally means Greet God. Only to be used in the south of Germany or Austria, use it in the north and you’ll get amused looks especially if you are obviously not Bavarian.



January 27, 2010 - Posted by | Beer

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