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Erdinger Weißbier Dunkel (Weissbier)

Erdinger Weißbier Dunkel (dark wheat beer)  is a wheat beer from Germany. If you haven’t tried a wheat beer yet I definitely recommend this one. It is almost black in colour and pours very thick. It is excellent, by far my favourite wheat beer, my only regret is I haven’t been able to find it again. Thoroughly enjoyed this one and it is a good introduction to wheat beers. Perfect for enjoying when Germany breezes through the group stage in the upcoming World Cup. This beer is one of the best beers I have ever tasted, do yourself a favour and try one, if you can only ever drink one beer in your entire life and it’s this one then you know you can die happy.



December 7, 2009 - Posted by | Beer


  1. This is my favorite beer!!!And it’s not easily to get in restaurant or bar in Taiwan.

    Comment by Christina Chiang | July 29, 2011 | Reply

    • I love the Erdinger beers! Not always so easy to get here too so I always buy a few when I see them. There’s a Bavarian restaurant near where I work that has it on tap. Nice to hear from Taiwan, haven’t tried any beers from there yet, maybe one will make it’s way here one day.

      Comment by kd59 | July 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. You have very good taste. Literally.
    I am a grown man, but I must admit to once borrowing an Erdinger glass from a pub. For that, I apologise. I stress I didn’t commit this act while under the influence of Erdinger beer. But I have drunk a lot of Erdinger out of the glass since.
    My first glass of this dark Erdinger was on a brief stay in Bremen, and I never forgot the joy of it, especially with a Cohiba mini cigar to accompany it. And after a hearty Bremen meal.

    Comment by Craig Campbell | August 26, 2011 | Reply

    • A beer you’ll never forget for sure, always pick up a few when I see them which sadly isn’t often enough.

      Comment by kd59 | August 29, 2011 | Reply

  3. Love this blog, my friend. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Craig Campbell | August 29, 2011 | Reply

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